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Riskeducation, part 1 Eng

2020-09-18 (fredag)
kl. 08:00 - 11:30

This course is required to be able to write the theory test for your driving license.

Med anledning av begränsat antal platser och kurser som hålls på engelska ber vi dig som kan prata och förstår svenska att i första hand boka utbildningen på svenska,  så de som verkligen behöver utbildningen på Engelska får plats så fort som möjligt. Tack för visad hänsyn.

The course is held in English.

The riskeducation aims to raise awareness of dangerous behavior in traffic and to create the conditions for responsible driving. The point is that you who want to take a driving license should be aware of the risks of a certain behavior in or on a vehicle. In addition, it aims to provide tools and advice on how to avoid such behavior.

The education is ongoing for approximately 3.5 hours, giving you insight into and insight into how fatigue, drugs and alcohol affect you and other road users, and how other behaviors and factors can affect driving ability. During risk education, you will be able to participate in discussions about the consequences, what increases the risks and how they can be avoided.

Risks, risk taking
Avoidance (both yourself and to prevent others)
Rules for steering and fatigue in traffic
Different groups' accident risks (men-women, younger-elderly)
How passengers, mobile phone chat, stress, and more, affect you as a driver
How behavior and attitudes affect traffic.
Risk education is valid for 5 years.